Disabling Ecwid's Automatic Email Notifications

To use Shophero to send emails on your store's behalf you will have to turn off a few of the built in automations that Ecwid uses so that your clients aren't doubling up!

They are:

    1. The Order Confirmation Email Notification
    2. The Order Shipped Email Notification

Shophero works best when it's the only email system running - allowing for consistency in brand, design and message across all of your emails.

Keeping the remaining Ecwid Email Notifications for Customers & Admin as “enabled” is a matter of personal preference as they will not interfere with or duplicate a ShopHero campaign.

To turn off your confirmation and order shipped notification emails follow these steps:

  • Login to your Ecwid Store
  • From the Dashboard, select the “Settings” tab from the left-hand side menu


  • Select the “Mail” option from the “Settings” sub-menu.


  • Find the “Order Confirmation” and "Order Shipped" message from the list of Ecwid messages.



  • Turn the messages “off” by toggling the enabled/disabled button until it's in 'disabled' mode


Congratulations! You've finished disabling your emails and are ready to get going with Shophero!


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