Creating Discount Coupons

ShopHero uses coupons strategically to help you make extra sales. Studies have shown that coupons increase your sales & revenue by more than 67%!

While we do have default coupons available for you to use - you do need to add them into your Ecwid store & enable them for them to work! 


[NOTE] You can use all of ShopHero’s features without coupons or discounts - however we strongly recommend using them.

We currently recommend only creating basic discounts with limited rules or conditions.

Here's how to create coupons that you can use in Shophero! 


  • Select “Discount Coupons” from the sub-menu.


  • Click on the “+ Add New Coupon” button to begin creating your coupon.
  • Enter a name for your coupon (this isn’t visible to your customers).


  • Enter a discount code (this is what your customers will see).
  • Select the discount type of “Discount” from the drop-down.
  • Enter your discount amount.
  • Select either the currency or discount options.
  • Click on “Save” to activate the discount coupon.
  • Log into your ShopHero account
  • Click on “Settings” from the navigation bar.


  • Click on “Coupons”.
  • Find the relevant campaign for which you’d want the coupon to be used in.


  • Update the coupon code and value to match the Discount Coupon that you created in Ecwid.
  • Enable the coupon by turning the button toggle “ON” and click on “Save” to apply your changes.


Note: You can also just add the default ShopHero coupon code into Ecwid by copying the name and value from ShopHero into Ecwid if you prefer.

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